Why support Wilkanoid 2?
Good question!
Because we want to make games! For you! :)
And to do this we need your support! By purchasing Wilkanoid (for any amount) you are helping us to realize a long held dream. To spend our working hours making great games!

We love making games you see! It's a passion for us! Unfortunately, as it is now, much time has to be spent earning money elsewhere..

But your contribution helps! If we get enough paying customers we can devote more time to game production, improving Wilkanoid and adding with cool new features, making it better!

So if you like Wilkanoid and would like to see it improved further, support it by making a purchase! Or if you are feeling generous, make a donation! All support is greatly appreciated.
But.. who are "we"?
Ah yes, perhaps an introduction is in order.. To be completely honest, "we" is mostly an "I" at the moment. But since I've actually had some help along the way it feels more fair to say "we" rather than "I". I am Wilhelm von Post (Wiley), web developer, musician and yes, game producer. The rest of the very small team consist of my sister Madeleine who sometimes helps out with some graphics (I've also gotten lots of help from other cool nice people in the Wilkanoid community). We call ourselves "Moonfarm Games" and under this name hope to provide the world with many hours of classic 2D sprite based digital entertainment!
Beyond Wilkanoid...
We also have many many other game ideas up our sleeves, screaming for our attention. With enough financial support we hope to start developing these ideas further. Here's some examples:

  • A very simple but unique space shooter game concept for Iphone and Android Phones
  • Wilkanoid 2 for Iphone and Android! (a given ;)
  • Epic space shooter game for pc, with multiplayer support (think multiplayer R-type!)
  • "Beneath"! Classic point and click adventure. Picture this: the movie "The Descent" meets Indiana Jones Fate of Atlantis (classic adventure game). Awesome? I thought so! :)

We hope you will consider supporting us, and help us make these ideas into reality!

Many thanks!
Moonfarm Games
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