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Editor advanced tricks / information! (updated)

Wilkanoid Master
2013-03-19 18:03
Member Hajsek had some questions about the editor which I thought would be nice to share in the forum since a lot of things in the editor is not that well explained. I have planned to make a video tutorial on the editor, but for now maybe this can help! Note that some of this only applies to the full editor.

How to change things about certain objects, like color, settings, etc

Right clicking on an object you have placed will open the object properties window for that object. Here you will see all the available options for that object. If no window opens the object has no properties to change. In the full editor, most object have some properties you can edit.

NEW! Position objects!

Objects can be placed with the mouse but they can also be moved using the keyboard. This is very useful when making fine adjustments to an objects position. Select an object in the level and then press any of the arrow keys (up, left, right, down) to move the object 1 pixel in each direction. Holding shift while pressing the arrow keys will move the object 10 pixels in each direction. Useful stuff!

How to change the "size" of a level

This can be changed by clicking the "Level settings" button (the one with tools on it, a wrench and a screwdriver), and changing the "Width". A level cannot be smaller than 640, but it can be very wide (2000+). Please note that if the level is too large the game might be slow.


Ok, actions are a bit complicated but they are basically a way to make things "happen" on a level. For example, show a message, drop powerups, create UFO, open a door, etc. Actions need to be triggered (started) by "Triggers", "Bonus lights" or "Crystals". If an action is not "triggered" nothing will happen. You can have 10 actions (action slots) in each level, and each action has "3 basic things" and up to "10 other things" that can happen.

The 3 basic things are:
- Message: shows a text on the screen
- Give score: add score to the player
- Play sound: this sound will play when the action is triggered, "none" means no sound will play.

The other things are:
- No action: nothing happens.
- Give extra life: gives new balls to the player, enter amount in the field below.
- Activate object: this activates an object with the ID entered in the field. This can open doors, light up bonus lights, push buttons, turn on teleporters, ball creator, robot factury, etc. It "starts" the object. How to get the object ID? If you click an object to select it and move the mouse, the text at the bottom will show the object ID ("Selected object 8 at 410x254"). 8 is the object ID. Just enter this number and the object will be activated when the action is triggered.
- Create object: Enter the ID of the object you wish to be created and it will appear in the level. This should be used when selecting "Hide at start" for an object. This will make the object not load when the level is started, but it can then instead be created using this action. So if you have a "Red Crystal" with the ID 5 with "Hide at start" selected, this will not appear in the level at first. Then create an action and select "create object" and enter "5" and when the action is triggered the object will appear in the level! Like magic ;) You can make any object appear in this way.
Create powerup: This will create a powerup at the X and Y coordinates. Which powerup will be created is decided with number from 1-18 using this information:
1 orbit ball
2 multi ball
3 split ball
4 big ball
5 1up
6 laser
7 magnet
8 paddle speed
9 paddle size
10 dwarf
11 missile
12 seeker missile
13 droid
14 mega multiball
15 minigun
16 defense wall
17 hungry alien
18 sink mines
For example if you enter Type: 6, X: 320, and Y: 0, a laser power will be created at the top (Y:0) and center (X:320) of the screen (if the level width is 640).
- Destroy object: This will destroy the object with the ID entered in the field. So if you enter "5", the object with ID 5 will be removed from the level.

But remember, an action will not happen unless it is triggered! Use "Triggers", "Bonus lights" or "Crystals" to trigger your actions.

Lock / Unlock objects?

If you select an object, and click the small lock button, that object will be "locked" so you can not select it anymore. This is nice if you have objects on top of objects. Sometimes it hard to select the object you want because another object is in the way. If you "lock" the object, you can select the other object instead. You can lock how many objects you want, clicking the "unlock" button will unlock all objects so you can select them again.

What are triggers?

When the ball enters a trigger, it will trigger (start) an action. Trigger Rail is the same as a normal Trigger but can be placed on rails and only triggers the action when ball is on the rail. Clear Zone Trigger is very useful, it will trigger an action when the area has been cleared of crystals. So for example, when no more crystals in a room, the door will open. Button is like a trigger, but connected directly to an object, like door, ball creator, etc. It does not need an action but it can only activate an object, nothing else. Actions are more advanced. But, a smart trick is to use a Button to activate a Trigger. This way, a Button can trigger an action if you want. Use Trigger Rail and place it so the ball can not enter the trigger, then connect the button to the trigger object.

What are decorations?

Decorations are just graphical objects to make the level look nice. They have no function other than this. Right click object to show properties and select "type" to change which decoration is shown. Different decoration objects explained below:

Decoration Game Layer - the decoration is on the same layer as the ball and paddle.
Decoration Background Layer - the decoration is on the background.
Decoration Sub Layer - the decoration is above the background, but behind the ball and paddle. Nice on wide scrolling levels, gives a parallax effect.
Decoration Top Layer - the decoration is above the ball and paddle (same layer as rails), so the ball will move behind the decoration.
Animated background decoration - decoration that is animated, on the background, only 2 types exists.

Treasure Chests, they dont work?

Well, they work, I just made a misstake in the latest version. How to make them work? Place a "Collectible" in the level. This will make the chests work as they are supposed to. Sorry for this misstake, will fix it in future versions!

Chests can be "locked" or "unlocked". Unlocked chests are opened when the ball collides. Locked chests need key before they can be opened. Key needs to be collected with the ball. 3 different lock and keys exists (yellow, red, green). The yellow lock need the yellow key, the red lock needs the red key, etc.

Hope this helps with your world creation! Let me know of any other questions you may have!

Free member
2013-03-20 02:17
Not questions, but some more bug report regarding the editor:
I recently discovered that, if you set a negative number in that "Give extra ball" option and the player has no ball, he gets an infinite amount of balls (which makes the game really slow);
And if you set an action to destroy a bouncer, its shadow still remais after its destruction.

Wilkanoid Master
2013-03-21 18:26
hehe I didnt know that about the infinite balls! will make it so a negative value will be converted to 0.

the bouncer shadow actually gets added to the background image to save memory so it's not really its own object.. hmm maybe I can change that now that I use hardware acceleration, should not impact performance too much..

Free member
2013-03-24 21:16
Haha, thanks for fixing those, I'm going to use them on my next world. By the way, how do you snap objects to a custom grid? I couldn't find where to input the values.

Wilkanoid Master
2013-04-04 17:23
when I made some changes to the interface, I inactivated the custom grid functions because they did not fit anymore. I planned to add them back in but never got around to it, specially since I hardly ever used it anyway. I will prob fix this in a future version though!