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Wilkanoid 2
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Free member
2013-04-05 19:40
It's been a long time so, created this new thread as I think the old one is a bit overlooked.
The new bugs are:

>If a "bonus light rail" is low enough for a paddle holding a ball to reach it, it will be activated, even though it's only supposed to activate if a ball touches it through a rail track.
>While holding an hungry alien, if you hit a crystal that is too low and crystal shards happen to contact the hungry alien, it becomes unreleasable and starts biting the air. It then starts following the paddle movements precisely and will never dissapear, no matter how much time you wait. The same happens if a crystal is low enough for it to bite without being released.
>If you pass to the next level and a seeker missile was about to drop from the ceiling, it drops on the next level beginning instead.
>Droids do not hit bubble crystals.
>If you set a timer to an action and you use "hide at start" on it, once it is created by an action, the timer doesn't work.
>Many objects just can't be destroyed by actions, such as rails, walls, keys and fish. (And also can't be hidden or created)
>Chests sometimes releases bubbles when opening even in non-water environment.
>If you get lots of the Big Ball item, the ball may get large enough to get through walls, and it starts bugging all over. As a consequence, if a ball with a probe gets too big, the probe spins too close or even inside the ball instead of around it, and if you catch a huge ball with a magnet, the whole ball covers the paddle instead of staying on the edge of the magnet.
>Clear Zone Triggers can't be destroyed by actions.
>Hungry Aliens just get through dynamites, instead of exploding them like dwarfs.
>If you create two actions that may create a loop if them both are activated simultaneously, the whole game stops for a while. For exeample, if Trigger-A creates Trigger-B, and Trigger-B creates Trigger-A, while them both destroy themselves when activated, if them get activated at the same time, that bug will take place.
>For unknown reasons, sometimes some objects just stop working, or we can't access them anymore on the editor. For example, in my "Wonder Panorama" level from "Clockwork World", in the upper right there is a green key chest. Above it there is a cluster of blue corals, but in-game, one of them gets turned into red one. In addition, every blue coral I try to place on that level becomes a red one, an empty square, or a blue one other than the one I placed. That happened also to green keys on that level, as sometimes the editor shows a different color than the one that appears in-game. Interestingly, if I try to change an old background decoration into a blue coral, it works just fine (the same goes to keys).

Phew, that was a lot, but I'm glad to continue giving those small contributions to this awesome game!
Looking forward to the next version!

Wilkanoid Master
2013-04-11 19:21
Lots of nice feedback! I will add these to my fix list, thanks a lot for helping me find this stuff, it's really hard to test every combination since there are so many so this feedback is very useful.

I need to get back to wilkanoid soon, I've been staying away from it for a while and focused on other projects and work, mostly since wilkanoid does not make me any money (it actually costs more than I make). But making the game better will hopefully bring more customers as well so I need to start making these updates soon. Thanks for you patience!

Free member
2013-04-13 20:56
Sincerely, I think this game hasn't been too much of a success yet mostly because it is not yet on it's complete state. I mean, it has no music, the Water World hasn't been finished yet and lots of bugs are still present. Surely, once it is complete and gets an Android version, it will be able to compete with most of the Breakout Clones out there as equals. And may hopefully surpass them, as it has lots of features most of them doesn't. However, I think there is no need to hurry, after all the important thing is to make something good, not something fast. Anyway, I wish you and this game good luck :)

Free member
2013-04-16 19:03
By the way, I finally discovered why sometimes the turbo boost suddenly stops working (that really happened a lot to me):

>If before passing to the next level you use the turbo boost, so that the light on the paddle is still red when you press space to pass, once you get to the other level the turbo boost won't work anymore, forever. After that happens, the only way to fix it is by closing and re-opening the game.

Free member
2013-06-07 00:38
A minor bug that may cause a lot of trouble:
>When you destroy all crystals in a level all balls just stop, and if a ball happen to stop close enough to a wallpower, it will keep absorbing and releasing it forever as long as you don't pass to the next level. The problem is that, with the Acid Wallpower, you can get eternal points from it, as it keeps releasing acid drops that give you +50 each. It may take a while, but that can give someone patient enough the top spot on the list.
An Official Worlds bug:
> On the Alien World, if you run out of balls on the "Alien Wars" level, you can just wait until the UFOs destroy enough blocks so that a 1UP falls. With that you can recover from a game over on that level.

Free member
2013-06-13 22:42
And three minor bugs:
>If you have an item, for example a Laser, and it ran out and is entering back into the paddle, and meanwhile you get another Laser, it just won't appear as if you had caught nothing.
>The limit of acid drops on screen is really limited compared to Wilkanoid 1. It is easily seen, for example, on the first level of my Combo World: While one row is being consumed by the acid, many of the other crystals the acid ball hits just don't release any acid drops.
>If you press Esc in the world selection screen, instead of returning to the main menu, every star changes its position. If the cave or water world were selected the screen also returns to its original position.

Free member
2013-06-30 01:16
Editor Bugs:
>If you have a loaded world on the editor and you click on "File" up there and then "New Level",the world already opened remains there. This forces you to close and reopen the editor if you want to create a new world.
>Much similarly to the bug mentioned above, if you select "Save World" or "Load World" in the "File" menu nothing seems to happen.

In-game bugs:
>While inside fish mouths, balls can still grab collectibles and activate bonus lights.
>Robots and Aliens get through Rocks.
>Alien sprites, when getting through fish, appears over them instead of beneath.
>Robot sprites can actually "pull" fish off their track just by running over them.
>If there are no alien crystals in a level, but there are insect aliens, all normal crystals transformed into alien crystals by them cannot be hit.
>Just saying in case you didn't notice, in Wilkanoid Xtra World level four "Strange Patterns" the red bonus light do not trigger any action. Sorry to sy it if it was proposital.

Free member
2013-07-15 02:15
>If you kill a ball that is being holden by a magnet, it stops working. (Similar to what happens when you kill a ball inside a wallpower)
>If you turn the music volume down inside the game, the midi music still play loud.
>When there is no space for small bubble crystals to appear, they really often teleport.
>Hidden objects appear on world miniature.
>In highscore screen message box "Connection Time Out! Could not contact Wilkanoid server" the OK button does not work. The only way to close that window is by clicking its "X".
>When you get more than one laser at the same time, only one appears on your paddle.
>Alien Wallpowers do not grab slightly big balls, they just keep bouncing around them instead.
>If we crush a crystal that was being transformed by an alien, the alien keepsn licking the air. Moreover, if a crystal that is about to be transformed into an alien crystal is crushed, an alien crystal still appears where it was, even though it was crushed.
Some misspelling I noticed:
>The acronym Laser is spelled "lazer" in the "The Game" area of this site.
>In the Water World description, it is written "it can be quite challenge", missing an "a" or the suffix "-ing".

By the way, I've been creating a new world called "Alien World Remix", but suddenly, I tried to open it in the editor and the message "could not read world meta data" appeared. Is there any way to fix the file or save my levels?
I opened the .wil file with WinRar and no file within it could be read. Then I repaired the whole corrupted file with WinRar, resulting in a new file. Inside it everything could be read, but it just doesn't open in the editor nor game.
Thanks in advance if something can be done.