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Wilkanoid 2
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Submission high score don't work
Wilkanoid Premium Supporter
2013-06-26 12:16
When I try to submit the highscore of any world the message is "try to connect...server does not respond". This is happening in the last month

anyone can help me ?

Free member
2013-06-26 20:26
This is also happening a lot to me. And you even lose the scores you try to upload when you receive that message.

Premium member
2013-09-21 05:41
It's only for the free version, or at a premium, too? I am also on a free feel this problem...

Wilkanoid Master
2013-10-02 21:05
Hi! I've been having some server trouble lately which is the cause for this.

Hopefully this will get better if it has not been solved already!