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Wilkanoid 2
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Wilkanoid 1

Premium member
2013-09-21 15:32
I found these unofficial sites dedicated wiLkANoiD 1.
Can I trust the contents of these sites?

By the way, why do not you put wiLkANoiD 1 and Level Editor for it on this site? After all, if it were not for Wilkanoid Classic, and many people would not know at all about this game :)

Premium member
2013-09-22 09:19
Sorry for flood. At time of post this thread I had problems with site.

Wilkanoid Master
2013-10-02 02:26
Hi! Yes, as far as I know they are a trusted source (use an anti-virus scanner for any downloads just in case), but only regarding the old wilkanoid as you know. Also they are very old websites and do not seem to be updated.

Putting wiLkANoiD Classic here is a good idea! I've thought about before but somehow forgot about it! Will do this in the future!
Free member
2015-08-03 03:03
Was Wilkanoid classic ever finished? I'd like to see what else the Magic World had to offer (incidentally, I still have the version w/ the Magic World demo on my hard drive WAAAAY back from when I was a tester, which I "leaked" to the internet in 2006 when the game's development seemed dead)