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Free member
2012-03-26 03:36
How many games do i look forward to, in the premium version?

Wilkanoid Master
2012-03-26 18:29
As in levels? Well, right now its looking like this:

8 levels in tech world (+1 bonus)
6 levels in alien world (+1 bonus)
6 levels in cave world (+1 bonus
6 levels in water world (+1 bonus)

Which gives a total of: 26 levels and 4 bonus levels

Thats the goal for the initial premium release, however I will probably add more levels in future versions if I happen to make a level I really like.

Why 8 levels in tech world? Well, its the world I've worked on most, so I have made many more levels for it. If I add levels later it will be for the other worlds. It would be nice to have 8 levels in all worlds, but that depends on the quality. I dont want to throw in more levels just to increase the number, they have to be fun to play and preferably provide something unique to the world.

I really welcome any feedback on the levels that are in the game now, if there is any that stand out or if there is a level that is boring? Its kinda hard to tell sometimes since I'm so involved. Its always nice to get an objective opinion!
Free member
2012-03-26 20:28

Free member
2012-05-06 04:29
Sorry for saying it that way but... you asked for feedback and, in my opinion, some levels of the water world were kind of boring. I'd say specially the first and last one. I mean, the bubble crystal idea was indeed awesome, but here's such a huge number of them that after they split, it ends up with a lot of them on screen, and as they're small, it gets really boring to destroy them all. Some levels on the Water World take really a LONG time to beat, and them end up boring as it's hard to hit small crystals in such a huge number. A think level 1 would be way better if the number of these crystals were decreased, other than that, other things like the pusher on the right aiming down also contribute making it even harder to hit all those crystals and finish the level. About level 2, I sincerely think it would be better if there were a bubble wallpower there just like on that old screenshot you posted... However, levels like "The Crystal Ocean"or "Bubble Power" were really fun (wallpowers were positioned in a way bubble crystals weren't such a trouble). Well, I guess I must consider the fact that the Water World is not finished yet, but speaking sincerely, its last level is REALLY boring. Not only beacause its too big, but wallpowers are nearly useless on this level as there's no crystal higher than where they are to hit, the door that doesn't close when the ball enters makes it really boring as its hard to pull it in again, and bubble crystals up there near the teleporter are hard to hit and end up taking too long as well. About the wallpowers, I think they're kind of slow... not considering only ball speed after released, but also when grabbing the ball, it's like they stay too much time on the same sprite frame. Most levels on Water World were too wide, actually.
Anyway, that's my objective opinion, as you asked above, sorry if my critics were kind of harsh or anything... just saying these things because I also want to see this game perfect and fun!
And just giving some ideas, I really expected something like some sound effect and sparks coming out when the ball uses rails xD I think this kind of effect on rails would greatly fit Cave World. And I remember you said somewhere Huge Crystals would come in different colors, looking forward to this specially on the editor!
And if we could set the number of crystals that need to be left so the seeking missiles will start falling down, and maybe also the frequency they do so, would be great to make big levels easier and more fun. Be able to set paddle speed for each level would also be good so it can fit ball speed, just so levels with fast balls don't get impossible.
Well, thanks for the attention!

Wilkanoid Master
2012-05-06 20:25
Yes you make some good points.. I agree to most of them and will probably do some changes to the water world in future versions..

The reason the water world is the way it is, is because I wanted it to be the hardest world of the official worlds. Specially the last level I wanted to be complex and difficult.. but there has to be a balance, in the end the game is supposed to be fun to play and if making it difficult also makes it boring, then it does not add anything.

So thanks for the feedback, it is most appreciated!

Free member
2012-05-06 22:05
Actually, there's a fine line between being difficult and boring, but it sure can be difficult without being boring! IMO, for example, making the ball faster is something that makes it hard but not boring. Specially because it depends on the player's skill to chase the ball and prevent it from falling. Things that are hard and you absolutely don't control [like for example, when the ball goes up there on the last water level] are things that can actually get boring as they don't depend on you, but actually on luck. One other thing that I also would like to point out is about the walls on the water world. Instead of making the ball keep the same angle, it randomly changes sometimes. When the ball is bouncing in narrow passageways from one wall to another, it is really common that it just randomly recoils back because of the wall, making it take even more time than it would already take just for it being bouncing. As it is a cool thing to make walls different and all, I think a solution would be taking narrow ways out. Consider as an example the ones from extreme left and right on the last water level.
And just changing topics, do bonus levels appear on the level number when we post custom worlds? The last world I posted actually had a bonus level, but I was kind of afraid to post it as if the bonus level counted, it would seem to have too many levels.
By the way, hope that we'll be able to change environment and that it doesn't always depends on walls, just like it is now. Just so we can, for example, make a level with tech border walls underwater.
And I've realized that, for some reason, paddle speed upgrades are not kept through custom levels, restarting from zero every time you start a new level.

Free member
2012-05-11 00:35
All these new upgrades made the new version simply awesome! When lots of objects were on screen the game used to get really slow, even interfeering on combos. However, now everytinhg is way faster and running smoothly! Also the ball speed increase for all worlds made the Water World incomparably more fun!
The editor now actually opens on the computer it didn't, but it crashes as soon as I try to load a world. And regarding the other one, the game itself still shows only a blank screen. Just if I didn't say it before, the game is actually working and playable, the only problem is that you can't see anything as the whole window is white! Sounds are hearable and all.
By the way, some bugs:
-Ball just goes through coins from chests, they're not collectable anymore.
-On the editor, blue buttons (type-3) aiming down are shown with a small sprite, but they are changed into a larger one on the actual game. Also, when this larger sprite is hit, it shows the small one pressed instead.
-Repeated actions create same objects on top of another even if it was already created before, making it weird specially for crystals. In other words, it doesn't detect if the object were already created or not, creating the same one again.

Wilkanoid Master
2012-05-11 15:51
Glad the new version is working better! I will try to do some improvements to the water world for the next version.

On your computer where the game doesnt run could you test something for me? If you could launch the game with this command:

wilkanoid2.exe /DIB

This forces the game to run in software mode instead of direct X 9 mode.
In case you dont know how to do it:
1 open a command shell by select "run" in the windows start menu and typing "cmd".
2 Go to the wilkanoid 2 directory by entering "cd" and the pathway to your wilkanoid installation, so for example "cd c:\games\wilkanoid 2"
3 Type "wilkanoid2.exe /DIB" to launch the game

Let me know if that helps! If it does, we know the problem is with direct X. Would help me a lot if you could try this! Thanks!

Free member
2012-05-11 20:00
It worked! But I do have Direct X 9 on that computer, and it doesn't open on the traditional way... Even tried downloading it again using that link you gave me through e-mail, but it says it is already installed.

By the way, using Ctrl+alt+del on the computer the editor doesn't work I took a look at the processes running while I tried to open the editor, and realized "wilkanoid2_editor.exe" actually opens when I click the Editor file, but it simply vanishes after some seconds. [once it opens and crashes after attempting to load, it doesn't open anymore until I turn off the computer, happening what I mentioned above].
Also tried running the editor through commands but the same thing happened and it didn't open.
Free member
2012-05-12 13:57
My wilkanoid free for some reason wilkanoid does not detect internet connection in one computer. Even tried changing some internet settings but nothing seems to happen, do have any idea of what could be causing this kind of thing?