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Bug Report

Free member
2012-04-06 20:37
I played the first Wilkanoid for quite a while, and I've realized some bugs from the original still remain on this version. Some of they are:
-On the "Push da Button" level, after the ball enters the chamber, if you use tab to destroy it, the door keep closed and you can't reach the crystals anymore.
-After the usage of some powerups, mostly when you use lots of them at the same time, the paddle door doesn't close.
-If you use tab to destroy a ball right when a wallpower will release it, that wallpower stops working.
-when balls get really sped up, sometimes they get randomly through walls or stuck into them, usually on corners.

-Also, the level editor doesn't work on my computer for some reason ):

Thanks for this second version, it is really awesome!
And if you allow me to make a suggestion, I think you should keep those unused bomb crystals from the first game, I really thought they were genial!

Free member
2012-04-06 22:30
lol I only saw your bug post now
sorry for messing up your site, please delete my post if it is making it repetitive.
And just adding to what I said, If you also made the music for the first game, I have to say all songs were just genial! As this Wilkanoid 2 seems to kind of replace the first, I think you should reuse songs from the first game, they're too good to be forgotten! (particularly, I always loved Elevator Groove o/)

Wilkanoid Master
2012-04-13 19:00
Hi, thanks for letting me know about these bugs, I had not thought of all of them (like the wallpower thing) and I hope to fix most of them!

The bomb crystals from the first wilkanoid have been replaced with dynamite in the new version. They work almost the same way and are found in the cave world, but in the level editor they can of course be used in any level.

Glad you liked the music in the first Wilkanoid! Those tunes I made with really no ambition at all, just whipped some funky tunes together in no time at all.. For Wilkanoid 2 i hope to improve the music with much better quality but I will def bring back some old tracks if they are wanted, maybe an updated version of elevator groove :)

Nice to hear from you, dont hesitate to post again with more ideas and feedback! Thanks for playing!

Free member
2012-04-14 22:04
As you said "don't hesitate"... =]
I was wondering if we'll be able to use the toxic container block from the first wilkanoid on the level editor. I mean, it would be nice to see things that were not used on this game available (some other examples would be the unused electric container blocks, opening and closing doors [like the one from the original Radioactivity level] and maybe even container-activating buttons [Corundum Crystal level]).

Also, I was wondering if is there any way to turn Wilknoid 1 levels into 2. I have tons of levels from the first Wilkanoid, and I wish I could post some of them here ): Besides, in many of my levels I used to add new backgrounds and music. I think it would be great if Wilkanoid 2 Level Editor also featured such possibilities, and maybe even have this site allowing us to post them along o/

And as you mentioned "more ideas"...
since Wilkanoid was one of the games I most played on my childhood, they just overflow! Here goes some of them:
-What about a timed crystal? For example, a 2-hit crystal that after the first hit, if not hit again in a certain amount of time it regenerates back to its original state?
-Maybe you have already created a dwarf/hungry alien counterpart for the other worlds, but as I always wondered how the Magic World one would look like, I'd just suggest a diagonal path or wsad controlled one.
-Crystals that appear and dissapear periodically.
-What about another 1-hit crystal that increases ball speed when hit consecutively?
-As most "enemies" in this game do something bad to the crystals, I think it would be nice to have something that can actually stun the paddle or do something to the ball. Maybe a bad power-up or something (autopilot used to do that function lol, it took me some time to learn how to turn it off).
-Core crystals that would generate 0-point crystals around it and keep expanding every certain time interval.
-It would be nice to have a crystal on the editor to which we can set how many hits it needs to break (even though it may cause some weird levels to appear here lol).

Well, I better stop here, I think I got a bit too excited. Some of these ideas were stuck in my mind for 10 years!
And I think it's actually the opposite, I should thank you for your awesome game!

Free member
2012-04-15 00:49
I just tried the level editor on my other computer and it worked! =D
Dude... it's just too perfect! Even most of the things I just said you had already done! Awesome work dude!
But unfortunately, only the level editor works on this computer, Wilkanoid itself just opens a blank screen. If it helps, this one is Windows 7, and the one the editor doesn't open is Vista.

Free member
2012-04-15 10:24
Just reporting on some level editor bugs:
-when using loaded backgrounds, decoration lights and gradient doesn't appear in-game, only on level editor and world miniature.
-1-type door, when set to automatic vertically its sprite dissapears and is replaced by a horizontal blue strip.
-After a background that is wider than the screen is loaded, even though it runs normally on the game itself, in the editor, instead of showing the whole image when you move the screen, it repeats the last shown-part.
-I made a level with 6 automatic doors with a different pattern each, but when i run the game, half of them followed the same pattern and half another. It seems to be random the chosen doors to follow the same pattern. Some just didn't work.
-I don't know if I did something wrong, but my ball kept getting stunned in the teleporter instead of moving to the chosen target. I even tried to make the target active but the problem still persisted.

And finally, I tried uploading my world and I coudn't get to the second step, the site kept redirecting me back to the 1st. Maybe it has something to do with it's size, 2,0MB, but according to the limit worte there, it'd be 3 :( I tried on both computers just to make sure the problem isn't here.

Wilkanoid Master
2012-04-19 16:09
Some replies:

-when using loaded backgrounds, decoration lights and gradient doesn't appear in-game, only on level editor and world miniature.

This has been fixed! Thanks for pointing it out!

-After a background that is wider than the screen is loaded, even though it runs normally on the game itself, in the editor, instead of showing the whole image when you move the screen, it repeats the last shown-part.

In the editor there seem to be a bug with the custom backgrounds causing them to not repeat correctly, but this only occurs in the editor, in the game it works correctly so just ignore it in the editor for now and I'll hopefully find a solution in later versions of the editor!

Wilkanoid Master
2012-04-19 16:10
Thanks a lot for these bug reports! I will look into each of them and respond as I find solutions for them!

Free member
2012-04-22 00:40
I've just realized what my problem with the teleporters was: when you delete any object, all the objects placed after the deleted one get the number decreased by one, thus destroying all door/teleporter number relation with other objects. Actually, I had lots of problems concerning doors and teleporters due to number change after deletion. Could you please make the next object placed receive the deleted number or that relations get actualized on the next version? It's kinda boring to organize every door, button and teleporter and test it all again...

As now I was able to use teleporters, I realized the door timing problem also happens to them. When I put lots of teleporters on a level the timing I set for each is ignored and most of them follow the same pattern in game :(

Also, the site still redirects me to step 1 when I try to upload my 2MB world, so if you want to take a look at the timing problem I mentioned, here's it is:
Teleporter problem is on level 3 and door on 4. I've also realized that when you play a large level, the screen doesn't start right where the paddle starts for some reason, showing another location for a second. You can see that on level 3 too.
Thanks for the attention!

Wilkanoid Master
2012-04-23 16:50
Just a quick notice, downloaded your world and its actually 20MB not 2MB. That would explain why it cant be uploaded. Its the music that takes up a lot of space.

Very nice world though! Would love to have it on the site.. maybe I can make a temporary exception and allow larger uploads since the amount of worlds still is so low.. but if I get too many large file I have to have limit in place or I wont have enough space to host them all.