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Continue game does not work
Free member
2012-04-25 18:52
When i want to continue a game, it wont work.

Wilkanoid Master
2012-04-26 01:54
You have to save your game first. After completing a world, you will have the option to save the game. Click the save game button. After saving, you can choose to continue the game next time you play.

The saved game will be removed once you have gotten a highscore using that saved game. This is to make it harder to abuse the save system to get an unfair advantage. I really want to make it so getting a really good score is a big challange, but this is something I might change in future versions if I feel it is not needed.
Free member
2012-04-26 16:50
I would like the Continue game based on the Level rather than the World. Suppose you have eventually 20 levels for a world, I'd like to quit and come back at some point in time.

Wilkanoid Master
2012-04-27 18:10
Sorry, saved games is only for the 4 offical worlds for now.. custom worlds have to be completed in one go..

But I might change this in the future.
Premium member
2016-01-20 17:58
I too would like to save based on LEVEL as well as world......the kids get bored trying the same level and would like to at least be able to see the other don't have to keep the score, just be able to start at the next level after completing.