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Teleports World
A world with 5 crazy levels with lots of Teleports! Enter the purple dimension! It can be quite a challange! This world was entirely created with the free editor.
Rating: 4 crystals
Levels: 5
Gametype: free
Downloads: 186
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Top Ten Highscores
774 650 Wiley will be hard to...
618 250 Wiley pretty aight!
609 450 Wiley whoop de doop!
 4 601 300 hajsek Zlatko
 5 597 300 hajsek Zlatko
 6 596 300 hajsek Zlatko
 7 587 650 hunterdyna... not that bad
 8 585 450 Wiley better!!! :-P
 9 569 650 Wiley getting there
 10 562 000 Wiley UGH
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