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Jungle Mission
An adventure to explore the mysteries of ancient nature!

A rather easy world, but you may expect some surprises, such as a dive into a really uncommon cyberspace bonus! As always, levels tend to get harder the closer to the end, so it can end up being quite tricky.
Rating: 3.8 crystals
Levels: 5
Gametype: full
Downloads: 119
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Top Ten Highscores
1 060 700 hajsek Zlatko
861 400 hajsek Zlatko
812 850 hajsek Zlatko
 4 749 150 albregi benino
 5 736 100 hajsek Zlatko
 6 732 500 hajsek Zlatko
 7 724 700 hajsek Zlatko
 8 719 500 hajsek Zlatko
 9 714 400 hajsek Zlatko
 10 705 250 hajsek Zlatko
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