About Wilkanoid
Wilkanoid is a simple and fun PC game based on the classic breakout game idea updated with
unique new twists and features! Read on for more detailed info on the game!
Remember those cool old classic games Arkanoid and breakout? If not then you've missed something! Those games have been entertaining people for over 25 years now, and they still do. Even many games released today dont equal their playability and lastability. It's amazing how such a simple game idea can get so annoyingly addictive.

Well, Wilkanoid is similar to these games, but with lots of additions and changes! I'm not saying its better than the originals, just that Wilkanoid adds new features as well as keeps the old good ones.
In Wilkanoid we crush!
Wilkanoid has Crystals and if there's one thing you need to know about Crystals, it's that they need to be crushed! Yes, it's true they may be nice to look at, but they've got to go, it's as simple as that! For this purpose, let me introduce (TADAAA!), the Ball and the Paddle!
The Ball!
The Paddle!
A Crystal!
The object of the game is to crush all Crystals in each level with the Ball. The Ball gets destroyed if it get to the bottom of the screen so to prevent this you must bounce the Ball upwards using the Paddle. Thats it! Basically..
Do a Curve Ball!
A neat thing in Wilkanoid (which I've wanted ever since playing Arkanoid the first time) is that you can "curve" the Ball. First you will need to gain some speed, then simply hit the Ball while the Paddle is moving. This bends the Balls trajectory and makes the Ball do a curve towards opposite direction. This teqnique can be mastered by skillfull Wilkanoid players to get the ball where they want, around corners, etc. The strength of the curve increases with Paddle Speed upgrades.
Wallpowers are the key!
Wallpowers are small objects that sit on the walls of some levels and give the Ball special powers when it enters. With these powers the Ball can do a lot more damage to the Crystals but it might also be a bit harder so control. Wallpowers are often the key to getting a top score since they can easily give you Combos, and a good Combo gives a lot of extra points! Here are two examples:
This tesla inspired Wallpower gives the Ball electric power!
Alien Infection
Infects Crystals with a virus that spreads through floating spores.
Nice fluffy powerups!
If Wilkanoid was a cake, the Powerups would be the cherries on top.. or the icing... or the.. ok you get the picture. They spice up the gameplay by provding lots of different bonuses to the Paddle or the ball! There are currently 16 different powerups in Wilkanoid 2 (more is coming). They are all more or less helpfull, Wilkanoid has no "bad" powerups. A cool thing with Wilkanoid 2 is that all powerups can be used simuntainiously and some like "Lazer" and "Paddle speed" can even be "leveled up" by collecting more of the same type. Here's some examples.
Orbit ball
Seeks out a Ball and orbits around it for extra crushing!
Shoots through walls. Collect three for triple lazer!
Defense wall
Place it anywhere and it unfolds to protect the Ball from destruction!
Paddle speed
Paddle speed can be upgraded 10 times, and it stays between levels!
And theres also Minigun, Multiball and Mega multiball, Split ball, Paddle length (4 levels), Missile, Seeking missiles, Dwarf, 1up, Big ball, Magnet and Droid. And even more powerups are coming!
Not your daddys Arkanoid...
In Wilkanoid 2 there can be lots of other stuff in a level besides Crystals. There may be doors that need to be opened by pressing a button, bouncers that speed up the Ball, there may be arrows pushing the Ball in a certain direction, or even Ball teleports! Studying an advanced level before proceeding can sometimes be crucial for success and high scores!
Play on different Worlds!
The official Wilkanoid 2 worlds are Tech World, Alien World, Cave World and Water World. Each world has its own feel and play style. The tech world is straight forward at first but later level require more skill and use of buttons and doors. The Alien World is organic with Wallpowers that spreads and need to be used skillfully. The Cave World is harder, and more focused with some pretty tough crystals. The Water World has large expansive levels that require a fast Paddle to beat. You can only play all Worlds in the Wilkanoid 2 full version.
Create your very own World!
With the Wilkanoid 2 Editor anyone can easily create a world of their own, upload it to this website and earn fame and recognition for it (at least from me). You can even compete against others for highscores on your own world. You can theme your world anyway you like using custom background graphics! Dont like the default backgrounds? Draw your own pattern! Or make a world based around on your cat! (on second thought.. dont do that) You imagination is the limit, although it can take some time and skill to create a truly spectacular world.
Computer requirements!
Windows 7+
1 GHZ or better processor
DirectX9 graphics card
512 MB ram
25 MB hard disc space
Crystal Crushing!
Not only do they crackle and burst in a satisfying way, they give you points too! Nice shiny points! Who doesnt want points? You'll need lots to be the best ;)
Red basic crystal
100 points
Blue basic crystal
200 points
Green basic crystal
300 points
Tech crystal
Takes 3 hits
600 points
Alien crystal
Takes 4 hits!
800 points
Diamond crystal
Very tough, 15 hits!
5000 points
Huge crystal
Very rare and tough crystal, comes in different colors. Takes 30 hits!
10 000 points
More crystals are coming...