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Wilkanoid 2 Xtra World!
Welcome to the fun land! This world has both easy and challenging levels. Good luck!

This world is included when downloading the game. It is only here so highscores can be submitted. There is no need to download this world.
Rating: 4.5 crystals
Levels: 5
Gametype: free
Downloads: 139
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Top Ten Highscores
747 950 hajsek Zlatko
722 050 mauricio25... know your place...
 4 669 050 hajsek Zlatko
 5 661 600 Nanoemp PEPE
 6 665 350 archipos RRRRRRRRRR
 7 647 450 Mark1988 Zottelgi...
 8 649 800 hunterdyna...
 9 621 350 Cebin Cebin
 10 623 700 hunterdyna... :D
 11 605 650 hajsek Zlatko
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1. After downloading a world, start Wilkanoid 2, go to World screen and click the button "Import world file".

2. Locate the downloaded world on your computer, click open, and play!